Aures Holdings

The largest automotive specialist in the field of used car buying, selling, financing, insurance and upsale services
in the CEE region with 25 years of history

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The Story

We are the most innovative business in the automotive industry with strong roots in IT and technology and the largest used car dealer in the CEE region with 25 years of history. We offer 18,000+ used cars to our customers through variety of sales channels in four countries.

Through more than 40 branches we sell 75 000+ cars annually. In total, Aures Holdings bought and sold over 2 000 000 cars since 1992.

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Our product and services

Near-new cars

Sold under Mototechna brand. The largest provider of near-new preowned cars. Mototechna is offering 1500+ cars from 20 different brands. It is the fastest growing segment within traditional sales.

Used cars

Sold under AAA AUTO brand. The largest dealer of mainstream used cars in the Central Europe. 44 car mainstream used cars segment trading centres in 4 countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary. Over 14500 cars on offer.

Budget cars

Sold under 1. auto Diskont brand. Dealer of discount used cars, mainly coming from AAA AUTO trade-ins. Competition to peer-to-peer market. Present at all AAA AUTO branches.

Financing & Insurance

Broad variety of loan, leasing and insurance products offered to customers of Mototechna, AAA AUTO and 1. auto Diskont customers. Over 80 000 loan, leasing and insurance deals annually, intermediated for largest banking institutions in all countries of operation. Own subprime financing product.

Lead generation

Internet platform, generating almost 68 000 selling and over 26 000 buying leads monthly. Presentation of c. 20,000 cars across all channels: Mototechna, AAA AUTO, 1. auto Diskont

Car rent

Increases AURES profit streams through supply chain. Allows to target B2B clients - segment so far not covered by our competitors. Superior vehicle selection at competitive prices delivered via specialist sourcing team. Current fleet of 180 units to be increased to 350 units in 2018, 500+ units in 2019.


Aures Holdings see innovations as the main means of company way to growth in years to come. All innovative projects are developed, tested and executed under the Aures Lab innovations division.


Broad variety of products and services offered with cars outside financing and insurance. Satellite car surveillance and protection, GPS navigation devices, special equipment, etc.


Integrated software systems, fully developed in-house to support core business. Unique applications providing competitive advantage in car acquisition.

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Company details

AURES Holdings a.s.
with its registered company seat at Dopraváků 874/15, 184 00 Praha 8 – Čimice, Czech Republic
Company ID: 01759299
VAT no. CZ 699002719

registered in the Commercial Register maintained by Municipality Court in Prague, file no B 19139

Company belongs to AURES holding.

Povinné údaje o společnosti

AURES Holdings a.s.
sídlem: Dopraváků 874/15, 184 00 Praha 8 – Čimice
IČ: 01759299
DIČ: CZ 699002719

zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Městským soudem v Praze, oddíl B, vložka 19139

Společnost je součástí koncernu AURES.




Dopraváků 723/1

Prague - Dolní Chabry, 184 00

Czech Republic


+420 283 068 456

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